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Animated Web Banners:


Static Web Banners:

Active Web Sites:

Institute for Innovation in Education Collaborative Resources Reviews
This portion of website for the Institution of Innovation in Education provides for reviews of online collaborative resources for remote and online learning. WordPress content management system, and responsive design for mobile device users.

JoAnne Ingram, LMSW and Psychotherapist
This site uses WordPress content management system, complete with contact forms and tests for substance abuse students, and responsive design for smart phone users. There is also a video commercial for the client and a video blog.

The University of Michigan-Flint’s Student Success Center
This site uses Drupal content management system  and responsive design for smart phone users.

Mockup Web Sites:
QUA Literary Magazine
This is an interactive .pdf website based on the layout for the QUA Literary Magazine published annually at the University of Michigan-Flint.

Flint Book Festival
This is an interactive .pdf based on the layout for a Book Festival in Flint, Michigan.
Flint Book Festival-Responsive Layout
This is the responsive view of the Flint Book Festival Website which provides for smart phone users.